Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Arts Show and Santa Scaring Children...

Around Bucktown:

The Bucktown Holiday Arts Show is just around the corner, (in reference to both date and location!) December 8th & 9th at the Fieldhouse at Holstein Park.  There is a $2 charge but if you take the opinion that you just cannot shell out the dough to help out a local organization trying to foster the starving artist community then fine, you can download a free admission pass here.  While you're at it, here is a link to some outfits that might suit you, Sir Scrooge.

Once you dance past the admission cost, there will be over 100 artists waiting for you, after some internet stalking we like Steel Petal Press - check out the video on how she works over there ---->
Nothing shouts cool like a creative, tattooed young lady working with heavy machinery that have pet names.  And knows how to use Youtube.  Oh, and can make really cool stuff, which I'm sure is more important to her than the pet names...

Around Chicago:

Ice skating season is upon us, and Angie here at Ray's could not be more excited at the chance to break out her bedazzler and fashion herself a kick-ass sequined outfit in which to show off her smooth moves.  Here are a few places to keep an eye out for her:

Millenium Park - open seven days a week, but check for Holiday hours.
Daley Plaza - Even has a teen skating time-block, so if you skate after that make sure to dodge the gum
McFetridge - just another place to ice skate
Warren Park Rink - aaaand another one.

Need more rink suggestions? then stay home and flood your backyard.

If ice skating does not tickle your fancy, then try having your fancy tickled by Santa's beard at Breakfast with Santa.  Now better than ever - 90 minutes of pure Santa time and according to the John Hancock Observatory - you better "make like Prancer" and get your tickets soon.  Good for kids, and maybe even if they don't like it you can snap a picture of them on Santa's lap and submit it to the Tribune's "Scared of Santa" photo gallery.  (This entire paragraph may have been constructed to legitimize posting the photos below)

Around Ray's:

Even though the traditional farmer's market season is over we still get some of our favorite stuff at the Logan Square Indoor Farmer's Market at the Congress Theatre:

- We get out meat (Delicious Ham and Bacon to die for) from Jake's Country Meats. They are not only fantastically friendly, but produce a really great product, and really pave the way for our daily dose of morning meat over-consumption. (Anyone else familiar with the term "meat-sweats"? because we experience that phenomenon at least a few times a week) 

-Our eggs are from Tempel Farms Organics, organic and free range, these eggs are laid by mama hens that are probably more relaxed and healthy than any of OUR parents. They're good.  Check out the details on the eggs here.

Both sell at the summer market, and through other vendors at the indoor winter farmers market in Logan square (Dave the knife sharpening guy is our winter-time egg smuggler). 

Some other people to check out while you're at the winter market here.

Maggie's Rant: As usual, everyone bugs me, so just leave me the hell alone.

Calvin Update: Our outdoor cat Calvin has recently been given a nice warm home by a friend of the staff. 

(The World Revolves...) Around Ray:

Ray is doing nothing interesting other than taking cheap shots at our holiday decorating skills.  Apparently he does not understand that if we cannot get a Christmas tree we should at least be able to decorate our indoor rosemary bush with an excess of  tinsel. 

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