Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring! Or at least not winter anymore.

Spring is just around the corner, we swear.  It almost hit 60 degrees more than once last week, so that's a start.  As some of you may know, and others are about to find out, we do a lot with the warm weather here at Ray's Bucktown B&B:

-We compost - Everything. Ray drew the short straw yesterday and was put in charge of turning the compost, a job that is normally reserved for whoever's birthday it is.  We have a system that works really well for us; we throw all compostable food and kitchen scraps into a large bin throughout the year, covering each day's layer with a reserved stash of dryer finished compost, and then once the bin gets full we turn and transfer it to our large stockpile of garden-ready-goodness.  If you're looking for a free source of compost for your summer garden let us know!  Our tiny single lot back garden definitely won't be able to use it all!

-On a roll from the compost project, and already dirty, Ray moved on to prepping our garden, checking to see what perennials were already coming in and what we need to plant more of.  After getting rid of the stems and seeds that we don't need (Cheech and Chong had quite the influence on Ray as a teenager and that wise old adage never left him) he discovered that we already have Lemonbalm, chives, leeks and oregano peeking through.  We will definitely be needing to purchase more basil, as our manager - yours truly- tends to consume it all with tomatoes on toast for breakfast before it ever sees a guest.

-Spring is Ray's favorite time for bird-centric discussions (as is every. other. time. of. the. year/day/week) and of course pointing out the first goldfinch of the season is much more important than watching the scrambled eggs and french toast on the grill.

While we won't qualify for a stop on the Bucktown Garden Walk we hold are own, and if you are a green-thumb master we are always open to tips and suggestions!

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