Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spotlight on Roscoe Village

Here at Ray's Bucktown B&B we are very proud of our neighborhood, but to ignore others in this "city of neighborhoods "would probably be in bad taste.  So in an effort to acknowledge some other aspects of Chicago's neighborhood landscape we have chosen to spotlight the great Roscoe Village.

Roscoe Village is a neighborhood just a bit north of us and boasts some great summer street festivals, restaurants, shops, and boutiques - it's also very family friendly and is a great way to wile away an
afternoon with the wee ones.  Here are some of our favorite spots!

Kitsch'n on Roscoe - if you're still hungry for breakfast after a morning at Ray's this is a great place to check out. This weekend they are hosting a Tacos, Cerveza, and Tequila event, and you can find details here.  With a focus on comfort food, and tounge-in-cheek 70's decor it is a spot after our own hearts!  They boast a beer garden, award-winning breakfast/brunch fare (they were on Rachael Ray's $40 a day) and truly unique, laid-back atmosphere.  Located at 2005 W Roscoe, just a quick trip up Damen Avenue from Ray's B&B.

photo curtesy of Yelp
If you're in more of a mood to shop than nosh on hangover food, then Roscoe's got some options.  If you're a local, or happen to travel on vacation with a moving truck in tow, check out Praha.  They just moved to the neighborhood from a nearby location and offer some really eclectic, moderately priced, colorful and unique items. Lamps, decor, furniture, knick knacks, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Located at 2201 W Belmont Ave.

Shangri-La Vintage is consistently voted one of the best spots for it's specific niche market, and boasts some of the best real vintage finds.  It's no Salvation Army thrift store, and you can always find something from a handbag to a period outfit.  Of course, being of the hipster nature, they do not have a website that we know of.  But you can see their front door from Kitsch'n on Roscoe.  Located at 1952 W Roscoe.

If you've got kids, no worries, the tykes can have their own fun.  Hamlin Park has a more than decent playground setup, and even a pool for those 2 months that Chicago gets unbearable hot instead of bitterly cold.  After a jaunt around the park you can always take the exhausted kiddos to Black Dog Gelato to refuel their sugar tanks.  For the adults, try the Whisky spike variety to help you through a hot afternoon with the little darlings. 1955 W Belmont.  Formerly located only in Ukranian Village.  If you want some info on the new location check here.

All said and done Roscoe Village is a prime spot for wandering around on a nice day.  It's full of boutiques, shops, and has one of the best wine and liquor stores around in case you want to hit up a byob restaurant.  Of course be sure to check out their summer festivals as well, the most popular being August's Retro on Roscoe Festival.

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