Friday, October 25, 2013

Bang Bang Pie Shop Extravaganza

Bang Bang Pie Shop - The epitome of hipster success in business, is putting on a one-day event this Saturday - October 26th. The First Annual Harvest Market will feature vendors from near and not-so-far including:

-Fleur flowers and goods, in case you need to make up for something
-Hillside Orchards fruits and veggies - in case you need a pre-holiday health fix
-Bus Shop sweaters and clothes - in case you forgot you were in Chicago in October
-City Lit books - in case you want to pretend to be literate to impress that cute hipster who nabbed the last piece of your favorite pie
-Nourishing Notes cards and goods - in case you need to write an apology note for spilling your coffee/cider/cocoa on said cutie.
-Martyn George culinary goods - to make your kitchen and dining area look like the set for an anthropologie photo shoot.
-Hands Occupied crafts - blogger, crafter, and librarian- she's waayyyy cooler and more productive than you, maybe buying some of her stuff could get you into gear.
-CROP Chicago Rarities Orchard Project - bringing orchards to the city.

And of course Bang Bang will be providing mulled cider, candied apples, and popcorn, etc.

Free and open to the public, Saturday 11-3 at 2051 N California (about a 15 minute walk from Ray's)

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