Monday, November 11, 2013

Chill Fest for the Chilly Weather - This Weekend!

What to do with the impending Chilly Weather? (first possible snowfall predicted this afternoon).  Perhaps grab a scarf and hat and plan out your Saturday (November 16th) around ChillFest, a brand new event in the neighborhood.  ChillFest is a cross-neighborhood showcase for local artists playing acoustic sets throughout Wicker Park and Bucktown in unusual venues such as restaurants and retail spaces.

It's an setup that encourages a bar-crawl approach to a music festival, getting you out there into the real neighborhood instead of your usual summer festival that has you crowded on a main street, offering little to no ambience, and just plain pissing off most driving residents.
And it's the first venture of its kind in the neighborhood, so we are anxious to see how it goes and will hopefully be checking it out ourselves.  Take a look below for more info!

Schedule - Who's  Where
Map - Where are those 'Wheres' where they're playing? (can't resist a good tongue twister)
Artists - Who's Who
Venues - What's Where
Videos - Watch Who's gonna be there

Check it out!  It'll be a good Saturday to spend hopping from place to place, allowing you to warm up in between.

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