Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Lights - Bad Eyesight's Greatest Joy

If you have horrendous eyesight, chances are you know the secret joy of the holidays - take off your glasses, stare at some holiday lights, and cue the inspirational magic! (But if your eyes are as bad as mine, just be sure not to move).  If you're a holiday light junkie, you should definitely check out tonight's festivities on Michigan Avenue.

The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is today, just off of the Chicago Red line stop on the El.  It's one of the few outdoor events during the colder season, but well worth bundling up.  If you can look past the garishly corporate sponsors, they do offer some great family-friendly activities.

Lights Festival Lane offers activities such as painting part of a large mural project, a photo booth, an appearance by some Disney Star that we've never heard of (Megan Nicole? maybe your kids know who she is…), not to mention a chance to meet Chicago's most watched morning news team! Yay!

If you thought a 0 degree windchill meant no outdoor music, you were wrong!  Granted, the last performance we can find begins at 3pm, so they kept it to the warmest part of the day, but you can check out the music line up here.

And Oh My, if you're aching for a celebrity appearance that will resonate with you, while you watch Disney stars with your children, I am pleased to announce that the one, the only, the age defying Mario Lopez will be hosting the "Largest Holiday Carol" event put on by 93.9fm.

All kidding aside, the real pull for the festival is the Tree Lighting Parade which really ushers in Chicago's Holiday Spirit.

Lots of stores stay open a bit longer during the Holiday events, so if you are not keen on any of the activities, you can still grab a cider/hot chocolate/coffee/nipper, and wander around shopping and looking at the lights (being guided by your responsible companion if you've taken off your glasses) until your fingers get numb and you return to the warm oasis of Ray's.

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