Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sue's got a Beer!

So this here manager of Ray's has 2 main loves: Beer, and History.  So naturally when I heard that Sue (our Dinosaur at the Field Museum) was the inspiration for a new beer brewed by locals at Off Color, I had to check up on the news.

The original name for the collaborative beer was going to be "Sue Brew", which had a certain ring to it, but "Tooth & Claw" was settled on instead.  Seeing as how Sue is such a big attraction for kids, and beer should not be, it seemed a more subtle homage might be appropriate.  The tap handle is actually a reproduction of one of Sue's claws!

You can only find it at the Field Museum, which happens to be a great place to spend a day now that the weather is turning, and below are some helpful links and ideas about how to spend your time in between trips to the tap.

-Menu for the Field Bistro - Newly opened, and possibly the only place to grab a Tooth and Claw

-FAQ about Museum etiquette

-Dozin' with the Dinos - You and your family can actually have a SLEEPOVER with Sue!

-Opening the Vaults - a temporary exhibition on the wonders of the World's Fair, one of Chicago's most interesting and influential chapters

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