Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5 Best Winter Classes in Chicago

Last year we posted the top 20 things to do in Chicago in the winter, and we will be coming out with another "Best Of" list of that sort in the near future, but if you're more interested in actually LEARNING something, rather than watching, eating, or drinking-based activities, then this list might be right up your alley, so here goes: (Don't worry, they're all indoors)

1. Chicago Rebuilding Exchange - This is one of the coolest spots in the vicinity.  It's about a 10 minute walk from Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast, and offers a variety of awesome classes and goods.  If you're into salvaged materials and working with your hands we suggest you check out what they offer here.

 2. Cook Au Vin - if culinary education is more your style then consider a cooking class here.  They've got a Valentine's Day specific class, a pastry class, bread class, and various special offerings.  Not to far from Ray's either!

3. Big City Swing - Shake off the snow and try not to embarrass yourself.  Big City Swing offers group and private lessons, which means you can either learn socially, or privately, secretly, become a swing-dancing master allowing you to make the grand reveal as soon as you hear a swing tune at a party (you may be waiting for a while…).  But it looks fun!  And if the staff at Ray's wasn't so terribly awkward we might even try it.

4. Aloft Loft - Our love affair with this place shouldn't surprise you if you're one of the like 12 people that read this blog.  It's awesome-ness can not be oversold. They offer classes in trapeze, tumbling, german wheel, silks, flexibility and more, put on a monthly circus performance (first Saturday of every month, 7pm and 10pm - you should go), and can totally solidify your place as the coolest of your friends. Check out their website for classes and events.

5. Chicago Mosaic School - This place is remarkably friendly, and not as well known as it should be.  It's one of the best Mosaic arts schools in the country and offers several classes and workshops from those geared towards the novice to experienced professionals.  Nice open space, and a convenient bus ride from Ray's.  Classes and workshop listings here.

Now get out of the house!

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