Monday, February 17, 2014

Drink some wine while you whine.

Winter sucks.  It just does.  Or at least it does when you've gotten inundated with snow and sub-zero temperatures for what feels like the greater part of the past 4 months, and your dog can't walk around the block without you having to pick him up because his paws are cold.  It has officially lost it's allure. So what do you do?  Take advantage of warm, inside activities, that preferably encourage you to imbibe while you kill some time till spring.

Normally Chicago is known more for it's breweries and beer bars than wine tastings, but we've decided to single-handedly bring some wine-ing information to the great troves of public figures who read this blog religiously...

So here we go, some places to check out when it's cold:

Joe's Wine Cellar
Madison Vine Wines
Madison Vine Wines - Tastings every Thursday night from 6-8pm, and cordon the street is that it's free! Madison Vine has a really cool space and operates mainly as a wine market.  (They even have outdoor space for warmer weather.  Like that exists)  

Did we mention they are dog friendly and even have a pooch on staff? I kind of want to somehow run them out of business and make this into my supercoolurbanloft/personalwinecellar. Applications are being accepted for anyone who wants to share the rent.

Joe's Wine Cellar - They don't have tastings every week from what we can tell, but they are in the neighborhood(isn) which makes it worth a shot! (but hint hint - they've got a Rodenia Wine free tasting on Thursday Feb 20th - check out details here.) Located at 2108 W Division St.

Life's a Cabaret

Life's a Cabaret - Another choice close by to Ray's. Free tastings on Fridays from 6-9 and Saturdays from 3-6, but call ahead and make sure there's spots open - from what we can tell you may need to sign up ahead of time. 1937 W North Ave.

Since it's 6am, and writing about wine at 6am doesn't really make you too motivated to cook omelets for 15 hungry guests, I'll leave it at that.  So get out, trudge through the snow, and find somewhere to sip on some vino while you complain about the weather. We'll join you after our shift :)

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