Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Last of the Season's Inside Suggestions

Happy Spring!  Forgetting that it snowed this morning, we are looking forward to what will hopefully be a quick-thaw in the coming weeks.  While it's still a little nippy and unpredictable outside though, we suggest taking up one of those "so geeky it's cool" pastimes and check out Chicago's growing pinball scene.  If you happen to be, or are related to, a cool Logan Square resident this will all be old news, but we can't all be as hip as you now can we?

Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Arcade Bar - This is probably the most well-known place to grab some (somewhat expensive) beers, and play some pinball and other arcade-style offerings.  Most pinball machines are towards the back but really you only need to go 10 feet inside the entrance to get to the best game -
Tapper - it's a game where you serve people beer, while you're drinking beer.  Everything in life comes first circle.  Full Disclosure:  we heard they expanded and we haven't been since, so let us know how the new space is if you visit!  Rumor has it they now have a space for live music. Location: Near the Damen Blue Line el stop at 1366 N Milwaukee.

Logan Arcade

Logan Arcade - Formerly Logan Hardware - which was a record store with free arcade in back which this particular manager has spent countless hours watching her record-buying-arcade-playing-i'm-not-a-hipster-i'm-just-"broke" friends buy records of bands she's never heard of and play games based on comicbook characters she's never read about.  Anyway Logan Hardware the record store has moved down the street and Logan Arcade the Arcade/Bar has set up shop with over 40 video and 25 pinball games, and 20 beers on tap.  Manager may be able to get behind it now that they serve beer! Location: 2410 W Fullerton - really close to Ray's!

Headquarters Beercade

Headquarters Beercade - Your Lakeview option if you don't feel like travelling over to the Blue Line side of town. A good bet, but stay away on weekends if you don't like mixing bros and pinball. Location: off of the Diversey Brown line stop on the edge of Lincoln Park / Lakeview - 2833 N Sheffield.

NOTE: As far as we know, none of these venues serve food (apart from perhaps a bag of chips) so prepare to take a snack break or eat before you go to keep your finger energy up and mind focused!

Interested in an article on Chicago Pinball written by someone who actually got a degree in English and plays pinball? Here's a link to friend Collin Brenann's picks (although what does it say about our friendship that until 5 minutes ago we thought there was only one "L"...)

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