Sunday, April 6, 2014

*Dong* Bring out your geeks! *Dong* Bring out your geeks!

Are you currently wearing a Star Trek T-shirt?  Or glasses held together with tape? Do you keep a steady supply of Mountain Dew in your home?  If so, there’s a good change you’re a geek.  Or maybe you hide your geek-ness like I do – with the Buffy box-set hidden under your bed and your Joe Hill comics shoved behind your Tolstoy.  Whichever geek-ness level you fall into, this blog is dedicated to you!  Here are some of the best places in Chicago to go and get your geek on!  And don’t forget about us here at Ray’s Bucktown B&B – we can get pretty geeky here, hence our full Star Trek Pez dispenser collection.

The holy grail of geekdom.  The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo is a 3-day event choc-a-bloc with comedians, actors and authors from all facets of pop-culture.  April 25-27 at McCormick Place.  Admission is $25-$35 per day, or $60 for all 3 days.

Comic Shops

I was going to list one awesome comic shop, but which to choose?!  They’re all amazing!  Here’s a link to a “Top 5” list of some of the really good shops in town.

Maybe your geekness’ name is Rolling Zeppelin Revival.  Here’s another list of some of the best places to stock up on some new (or old) vinyl.

That’s right.  You read that correctly.  It’s an arcade AND it’s a bar.  You can throw some Mortal Combat punches with a PBR in hand.  Not since bread and butter have any two things gone together so beautifully.  I think I might cry.

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