Monday, April 14, 2014

I want to ride my BIIIICYCLE!

If you’re anything like us here at Ray’s Bucktown B&B, you’ve already pulled your ol’ bicycle out of the basement, aired up the tires, and are in full biking mode!  And if you’re like this manager in particular, you may have noticed your breaks feel a little stiff.  I don’t remember that squeak being there.  A tear in my saddle?  What?  Whelp, partner, it’s a good thing we live in Chicago – one of the most bicycle friendly cities there is.  And our neighborhood is packed with quality bike shops helpful for minor repairs, major overhauls, and new/used bikes to purchase!  All are only a quick ride away from us here at Ray’s Bucktown B&B!  So snap on that helmet, roll up that right pant leg, and brush up on your arm signals because here are a few of our favorite local bike shops:

The Bike Lane
This place offers bike repairs and sells awesome bike gear, sure, but they offer so so so much more!  Their website is constantly posting bike events around the city including the Bicycle Film Festival, the Chicago Bike Swap, and the Gin Run which entails riding from Scofflaw (a gin bar) to North Shore Distillery (a gin distillery).  Sounds like my kinda biking.

Rapid Transit has been getting Chicagoans out of their cars an onto bicycles for 20 years!  If anyone knows about bikes, it’s these guys.  If you’re looking for a unique bike, these folks have a wide array of different kinds of bikes including folding bikes, recumbent bikes and trikes.  AND they will fix any flats for FREE for one year after purchase!

Boulevard Bikes
Find this charming little shop just off of Logan Boulevard.  They sell new and used bicycles and all manner of accessories and gear.  If you’re looking for a unique, possibly vintage bike, this is the place to go!  And the folks are great too!

Emil Wastyn, designer and builder of the original Schwinn Paramount, opened his Chicago bicycle shop in 1910, and his bike-building talent has stayed in the family.  Emil’s great-grandson is the current owner of Oscar Wastyn Cycles.  These are true bicycle mechanics!  Self-described as an “old school, no b.s. style of bike shop,” you are sure to be taken good care of at Wastyn’s. 

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