Friday, April 25, 2014

It's springtime! Adopt a pet!

It’s springtime!  Maybe you’re moving to a new apartment.  Maybe you’re rooting for the Cubs (good luck with that).  Maybe you’re planting an herb garden.  Or maybe you’re thinking, “Gosh I’m lonely.  I wish I had a furry little animal living in my home to keep me company.”  Spring is the time when animal shelters see an influx of homeless animals, just waiting for a caring soul to adopt them.  Here are some awesome shelters in the area.  And be sure to bring your pup by Ray’s Bucktown B&B for a sip of water from our water dish, and tons of petting from the staff (we love puppies!!!!).  This is sure to be our most adorable blog post ever!

This cat-specific cageless no-kill shelter is designed with cats in mind.  Not only does this building contain three playrooms, four special needs suites and a medical ward, the building is entirely green!  Good for cats and the environment!  They also hold a yearly fundraiser called Abra-Cat-Dabra that includes drinks, raffles and a magic act! $35 at the door, Friday May 9th!

Since 1997, PAWS Chicago has worked to bring No-Kill shelters to Chicago.  They constantly hold adoption events across the city.  They also provide free spay/neuter services to most Chicago families on public assistance through the Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic, as well as low-cost surgeries for families in need.  Just check out their website – they have photos and personality profiles of all pets available for adoption.  WARNING: your heart may melt due to cuteness.

Currently located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, Alive Rescue spent the first four years of its existence running solely out of foster homes.  For the past year, they have been rescuing and finding new homes for dogs and cats out of their new adoption center, The Little Barn.  They seek out animals in shelters with high euthanasia rates, taking in those that other shelters may overlook including seniors, unpopular breeds, and special needs pets. 

The folks at Chicago Canine Rescue go out of their way to find dogs (and an occasional cat too!) who are slated for euthanasia.  Dogs that other shelters consider “imperfect” due to age, health, breed or special needs have a chance at adoption at Chicago Canine Rescue.  Since 2001, they have saved the lives of 3,000 animals.  And if you’re a fan of pit bulls, like me, this place has an abundance of these sweet, misunderstood creatures.  
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