Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dead Trees Turned Alive

Sick and dying trees around Chicago are getting a second chance at life this summer thanks to the Chicago Tree Project. 10 Sculptors are working to draw attention to the large amounts of trees that are dying of invasive species, urban stress and disease. They are integrating art and nature by transforming the trees into vibrant public art. Tree's are important for cleaning the city air, and the dead trees also help the environment by harboring birds, animals, and insects that feed the birds. 
This tree was designed by Karl and Indira Johnson. The  overlapping Morse code and outstretched hands remind us of our reciprocal role in caring for the earth.
In nearby Humboldt Park, Mia Capodilupo made a "Honey Locust tree" to symbolize the linking of human and natural creation together.
Margot McMahon worked on an Elm tree, and she adorned it with a hand made flock of birds.

*To watch a brief video about the project click -->  here

*For a map of the trees in Chicago click --> here

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