Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Air from the slipping polar vortex is sidling our way! 
Here are tips on how to stay warm this icy Chicago winter.

First of all cover up! Your neck is full of blood vessels that are close to your skin, and you'll lose just as much heat from an uncovered neck as an uncovered head. Also, when your hands are cold it signifies that your entire body needs more warmth. Wear good silk glove liners under a wool insulation layer for the best protection.

Next you should layer up! Each layer that you wear traps its own layer of air, which then provides insulation. The Base layer keeps you dry so that your sweat doesn't reduce your ability to hold warmth. Merino has some nice wool base layers. Mid layers are your bulky wool, down, or felt insulation. Insulation maintains your temperature, so it would be wise to warm up before putting all your layers on. Last of all is the shell. This layer keeps off rain, wind, and snow. L.L. Bean makes a nice 3 in 1 jacket, with a combination of all the layers. 

The staff at Ray's hopes that you are keeping warm out there!  

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