Friday, February 6, 2015

What's Going on During the Chicago Auto Show?

What's Going on During the Chicago Auto Show?

There's no denying that the Chicago Auto Show is an institution; it's been held over 100 times, it's one of the biggest draws to Chicago in the winter, and it can be really interesting.  But while you're here, take a few of our tips:

DO: Show up on the right dates - February 14th-22nd at McCormick Place (2301 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL)
DON'T: Pretend you're getting arrested when standing next to a police car on display.  it's been played out, trust us on this one.
DO: Look outside the neighborhood for hotels.  Yes, we at Ray's Bucktown B&B are not impartial, but downtown hotels know how close they are to one of the biggest tourism events of the season, and their rates will reflect that. Besides...Bucktown/Wicker Park is wayyyyy cooler than the loop - stay at Ray's!
DON'T: Hit on the auto show girls.  You know, the ones standing next to the cars, doing their job.
DO: Take advantage of the city!  Chicago has more than just the convention center - check out a museum, a restaurant! A lot of museums offer free or reduced admission in slower months during the winter.
DON'T: et the weather get you down.  There are a lot of cool things about winter in Chicago, and if you dress appropriately, seeing Lake Michigan frozen over is pretty cool.
DO: dress appropriately for above activity.  Redundancy is sometimes necessary.
DON'T: Forget to stamp your hand when you enter - if you make the decision to pass over the food court and get some real food for lunch, you'll need that stamp to get back in.

Need more info? Check out the event FAQs here.

But enough about the Biggest Auto Show in existence, what ELSE is going on around here?


Yes the Auto Show may be cool.  But you know who is even cooler?

Dr. Dre....which's DRE DAY!

yes, dre day is a thing.

The Double Door - one of the neighborhoods most well-known venues is holding an event in his honor on February 20th. check out more details here, and get tickets here.

At Ray's:

Back at the homefront we are gearing up for our 10th Anniversary! March 7th marks 10 years of putting butts in beds in Bucktown/Wicker Park and we couldn't be more excited to strive even harder to make your stay as great as it can be!

Bonus for you time, here is our pancake recipe:

1 cup wheat bran
2 cups all-purpose flour
3 cups whole-wheat flour
4 tablespoons baking powder
8 tablespoons cinnamon sugar (otherwise known as 1/2 a cup)
4 eggs
5 cups whole milk
1 cup (ish) melted butter.

Mix dry and liquid ingredients separately, then shisk together, let stand for 5 minutes of "fluff" time. (fluffing is very important)'

Pro tip: mix the butter in last, it will clump less (at least that's how we do it)

This makes  A LOT of pancake batter, feel free to cut it in half.

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