Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's Happening Around Town This Week

This week the Chicago Auto Show is in full swing, the start of baseball season is in sight, and the Chinese New Year gives reason to party on a Thursday.

Chicago at large: 

The Chicago Auto Show continues it's run until Sunday the 22nd.  Highlights so far include a new police vehicle that will be sold in 80 countries, various hybrid crossover models, and a really cute little off-roader from Kia. 

Chinese New Year is this Thursday, and if you want to celebrate right, then head down to Chinatown on the Red line to catch the parade on Sunday, or just some grub on any old day.  If you're interested in a full list of festivities, there are certainly a lot of choices, check them out here.

Can't wait for baseball season? Whether you like to watch, go to games, or just use a game on tv to lull you into a boredom-nap, you may be interested to know that White Sox pitchers and catchers report this Friday.

Last but certainly not least - Walker Stalker Con, the comicon-esque walking dead festival is this Saturday and Sunday at Navy Pier.  Nothing like combining the tackiest tourist attraction in the city with a zombie-themed costume party....

In Bucktown:

If you're looking to capture the essence of summer fun in the depths of winter you may want to check out Double Door's Bags League tonight.  Cornhole, tailgate, doghouse - whatever you want to call it. Drink a few beers and throw bean bags across the room.  There's also a pun-slam (like a poetry slam, but with puns) happening at Double Door as well.  A whole night of good clean fun!

As some of you may know, our cat Maggie, has not been known for her friendly demeaner these past 18 years or so.  However, it seems that she has turned a corner and will now happily jump up on your lap for some pets!  It's actually striking us as very odd behavior, but next time you #stayatrays you can (probably) safely say hi to her!

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