Friday, November 27, 2015

Comfort Food

Winter is here! For some this is a blessing, for some, a curse. Either way comfort food is a necessity for surviving a Chicago winter. Here are a few of our favorite cozy spots to fill your belly.

Scofflaw - Don't be fooled, this is more than a cocktail bar. The fire places and bar menu full of chicken pot pies and french fries will transport you to a warm and cozy safe haven. 
Honey Butter Fried Chicken - This hip and tasty joint will drive your tastebuds wild and keep you warm.
Longman And Eagle - Paul McGee, a Chicago mixologist is behind the delicious drinks and this Michelin starred restaurant. 
Owen and Engine - This British gastropub is worth it.
Table, Donkey and Stick - This low key Logan square spot serves traditional food from the Alps, so you know it's gonna warm you right up.

Comfort food can fill you up, but who wants to throw away the deliciousness? Take a doggy bag home to Ray's Bucktown B&B and feel free to store it in our fridge, or in the personal mini fridge in your room!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cozy Diners

If you are from out of town and craving the comfort of a juicy burger and fries this winter, head to a diner! Few things can top the familiar experience of sipping hot chocolate in a cozy diner as the snow falls. 

Corner Stone Cafe - Located at the corner of Elston and Western, this family owned business is a neighborhood staple. 
Cozy Corner - This Logan square hotspot attracts people from all over the city!
The Chicago Diner - Vegetarians rejoice! This vegetarian diner serves up the best of the best!
Fullerton Restaurant - Try the Fullerton Skillet and you won't be dissapointed
Walker Bros. Pancake House - A classic Chicago spot, this pancake house has the cozy atmosphere you are looking for.

Before you race out the door to grab a bite, remember that Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast serves fresh, cooked to order breakfast every morning starting at 7 am! Sleep in as late as you want, we keep the kitchen open until you have eaten. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Good Ole' Cup A Jo

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. No muss, no fuss, here are our favorite spots:

Bang Bang Pie Shop - Stop in here for a cozy cup, but bring your appetite because the biscuits and pie are to-die-for.
Red June - Just three blocks away from Ray's, guests love this spot!
Ipsento - The best sandwich in town.
La Strada - Your classic neighborhood spot.
CC Ferns - This boozy coffee joint serves everything from cappuccinos to whiskey and creme. (You can also purchase a nice cigar!)
Gaslight Coffee Roasters - Hip and to-the-point, this Logan Square joint is a classic.

But don't forget about the complimentary coffee we have in the kitchen at Ray's Bucktown B&B all day-every day.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sports, Beers, Chicago

If you're in Chicago at anytime during the holiday season, you know how seriously Chicago takes it's Hawks and Bears. Why not join the fun in an authentic and jovial way at one of the best sports bars in town!

The Anthem - This place might be heaven...they stuf the hamburgers with velveeta cheese!
Game 7 - If you are rooting for the Colts then this is the bar for you!
Ed And Jean's - The classic Chicago dive, this place is not dressed to impress but will hit the game time spot!
Boulevard Sports Lounge - A little more dressed up than some of it's competitors, this bar is rooting for the win!
The Corner Bar - Right down the street from Ray's Bucktown B&B, this dive bar is a homey, comforting beacon that will make you feel right at home, no matter who you're rooting for!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hot Chocolate in Bucktown

Mindy Segal, a chicago pastry chef, had a dream (a very chocolatey dream.) She wanted a restaurant that focused on the best part of the meal, dessert. Her restaurant, Hot Chocolate is just that, and while you can enjoy a nice brunch, lunch or dinner there, the dessert is what you come for. Try the "OG Doughnuts", chocolate souffle, or of course, the Hot Chocolate.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate is less than a mile away from Ray's Bucktown B&B! Try our savory breakfast, made cooked to order, than head to Mindy's for dessert!