Friday, November 20, 2015

Good Ole' Cup A Jo

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. No muss, no fuss, here are our favorite spots:

Bang Bang Pie Shop - Stop in here for a cozy cup, but bring your appetite because the biscuits and pie are to-die-for.
Red June - Just three blocks away from Ray's, guests love this spot!
Ipsento - The best sandwich in town.
La Strada - Your classic neighborhood spot.
CC Ferns - This boozy coffee joint serves everything from cappuccinos to whiskey and creme. (You can also purchase a nice cigar!)
Gaslight Coffee Roasters - Hip and to-the-point, this Logan Square joint is a classic.

But don't forget about the complimentary coffee we have in the kitchen at Ray's Bucktown B&B all day-every day.

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