Monday, February 29, 2016

Potholes & Cocktails

It's been a while - let's jump right back into what's going on at and near Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast

Chicago At Large: 

Potholes as Art: 
Driving down Fullerton Avenue is comparable to the backroads of Jamaica (just ask our staff, who have been witness to both). So if we're going to endure flat tires and broken axles, why not have something to look at while we wait for a tow? A local artist is hosting a Kickstarter (already fully funded with 24 days to go, but some cool tokens of appreciation if you want to get in on it) to resurrect a new series of artwork this spring - check out one of our favorites, from the "Treats in the Streets" campaign:

Our Neighborhood: 

We love Bucktown, but neighboring Logan Square has some pretty cool stuff to offer as well, even within walking distance (on a warmer day than today...).  One of our manager's favorite treats to herself every once in a while is to endulge in a cocktail at Lost Lake. Now Lost Lake is no ordinary corner bar, it's a Tiki Bar! and by tiki, we mean it's a tropical paradise (but you'll still have to travel there in your parka). You may not remember your time there, the drinks can pack a punch, but you can always purchase a Magnum PI tiki mug - who doesn't love that as a medal of honor for a night well spent? 

On the Home Front At Ray's:

Wintertime allows us a little more time to dive deep and attack projects that we've been meaning to tackle for weeks (or months...or years...). Our front desk has been tidied up by our manager and assistant manager, which makes us much more excited than it should. We may be getting some vintage lockers to hide away the personal belongings we seem to accrue (currently consisting heavily of scarves, boots, and maybe the occasional bottle of wine), and are spending a little too much time on searching for that perfect next addition to the B&B family.  Ray wants a dog, but doesn't want to take care of it, so we're leaning towards a lower maintenance feline. One staff member was campaigning hard for a ferret, but don't worry, we shot her down.

Ray Out in the World:

He used to go off on adventures and not bring us back so much as a postcard, but I think we have finally worn him down, any guesses where he just returned from? (He brough home cigars...we're working on the tone of the gifts next)