Monday, August 15, 2016

Air and Water Show 2016

It's that time of year again, the Air & Water Show returns to Chicago this upcoming weekend. While the beach is the most traditional place to enjoy the show, any rooftop or deck will bring you just as much enjoyment. You can even just look up if you've got a view of the sky and see them practicing throughout the week.

It's Chicago's 2nd most popular festival  - and the best part is it's 100% FREE (though I'm sure if the city could find a way to charge for it they would). Here's what you need to know:

Date: August 20th & 21st
Time: 10am - 3pm (both days)
Who's There:

Where to watch: If you're an early-bird and can get to the beach at the crack of dawn that's really the best place to view. The show's website tries to steer you to attractions such as the John Hancock Observatory or Sears Tower (Willis Tower), both of which require $$$ admission, but if you can find a nice lakefront bar you'll have the benefit of A/C, a cocktail, and, well, less speedos in your face. A couple good places to try: 
  • J Parker (on the roof of Hotel Lincoln): really close to the lake and Lincoln Park, probably one of the best choices, while still being far enough from the lake to beat the worst of the crowds
  • Cerise: Quirky, fun, right downtown, so the skyscrapers might obstruct your view a bit, but really they're pretty cool to look at too. 
  • Kensington Roof Garden and Lounge: This place just looks super cool, check it out and let us know what you think. 
Keep in mind that anywhere but the beach will keep you from seeing some of the more water-centric events and performers, but you'll still get a good view of the heavy hitters in the sky. 

And as always, after your fun, come home to Ray's Bucktown Bed & Breakfast. #stayatrays

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