Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where to Buy Your Winter Gear in Bucktown / Wicker Park

If you are considering a visit to Ray's Bucktown Bed and Breakfast in the next 6 months or so, chances are you'll have to prepare for the elements, mostly just that one element, cold. If you forgot to pack your parka, here are a few places in the neighborhood where you can pick up some gear.

Arc'Teryx: New to the hood, this place is not kidding around. You know it's legit because practically everyone in Alaska is dressed head to toe in this brand (if they can afford it). It's definitely $$$ but well made and lasts close to forever. 1630 N Damen Ave.

Fjallraven: (Full disclosure, NO idea how to pronounce that)
This place popped up a while before Arc'Teryx and falls into the same genre of high-quality-high-pricetag goods that will keep you nice and toasty dry during the long winter months. Check it out at 1708 N Damen Ave.

This is Patagonia the place, not the brand, but it's awesome so I'll leave it here

Patagonia: A little further west in Lincoln Park, this store would make a great stop on your way to the Lincoln Park Zoo. A little more affordable, still totally respectable and rugged, Patagonia is also supposed to be great about having a fair and honest supply chain, so it's definitely better than throwing your money at Walmart (Chicago actually doesn't have any Walmarts within city limits but you get the idea...). 1800 N Clybourn Ave

Moosejaw Mountaineering: They've got you covered from coats to ice climbing equipment, but unless you're gonna try and scale the outside of Trump Tower in protest during the winter you probably won't be needing the ice picks. Well, maybe for your car door handle when it freezes over... 1901 N Clybourn Ave

Title Nine: If you EVER played sports as a young lass you probably started getting their catalogs in the mail. Lots of bright colors and "fun" prints, if you used to shop at Limited Too when you were younger, this is the outdoor store for you. (Women's clothes only) 1024 W Armitage Ave.

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