Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring is here!

Here at Ray’s we have been doing quite a bit of research in anticipation of our new organic permaculture rooftop garden.  

Ray and some of the staff recently attended the Moses Organic Conference in La Crosse, WI. Some of the highlights were the bee and mushroom workshops, the talks on added

value, lean farming, and learning about companion planting* (which we are planning on using in our new rooftop garden). 

Some of the staff also attended the Good Food Festival right here in Chicago. It was wonderful to see various urban farms in action, and to connect with urban agriculture folks from all around. Leah particularly enjoyed walking around Metropolitan Farm, a large aquaponics greenhouse.

Fun Fact
*Native American planting method of x3 sisters = Corn, bean and squash.
Corn grows tall, beans use as a trellis and also provide nitrogen for soil. Squash covers the ground area to eliminate weeds and provide natural mulch.

That's all for now,


Thursday, March 9, 2017

All things GREEN!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Well, in 8 more days…but Chicago is ready to kick off the celebration this weekend with events happening from Bucktown to downtown, and plenty of activity right here at the B&B! With a little luck you'll find that same green shirt from last year, or go glamrocks and buy a new one just for the occasion. 

Saturday, March 11th, marks the 62nd anniversary of Chicago’s downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade. One of the largest in the country! There are designated viewing areas, some with option to pay for prime seating, or classic option to arrive early and cozy up along the parade route. It’s undetermined if donning a kilt and bare legs will grant you more or less standing room, but we suggest you give it a try! We also suggest getting there early. 

Parade starts at noon, but at 9am the Chicago River turns GREEN! Don’t ask us how this works. Just watch one boat dump vegetable dye and another mix it into the water and be mesmerized by all those emerald hues. For more event info, check out the links below:

If downtown isn’t your destination, try our Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood! Filled with great bars and restaurants, many hosting their own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 
For some local spots to start your weekend: 

For us here at Ray’s, we’re celebrating GREEN of a different kind. Work has officially begun on our new 2-car garage with rooftop deck! And as sad as it is to see our garden up-rooted, we're busy mapping that rooftop with fruit trees and veggies and standing on large piles of dirt! Excited to bring more parking and a little permaculture to the B&B! Follow our Facebook for updates